RunCzech Women challenge: March For Prevention

RunCzech team is today launching their new virtual running event of 2021. The RunCzech Women challenge purpose is to show support to women. To show that RunCzech cares, to stand up and run with all women. Women are strong, they drive life, family togetherness and endurance, and that’s why we want  to give them even more support. Women challenge is a homage to all women who care. 

“Women’s challenge is our way of welcoming all women to the wonderful world of running. Just lace up a pair of running shoes and commit to making themselves a little bit better. That’s what care is in our minds. Not competing. Only running. And caring for something important,” said Kristina Rudišová from the RunCzech team.

That is why we are going to run for something, for that is what we care about. For this special challenge we teamed up with Loono. Team of young doctors and enthusiasts, who want to educate about prevention. By joining the race you will support them in saving lives. Together RunCzech and Loono,  we want to show people that health and prevention matters! “Now even more we believe people need to see examples of real life stories. A sense of energy spreading throughout. That is why Loono and RunCzech with all women from Czechia want to run for prevention and hope,” said Alexandra Šišková from Loono.

The event offers many distances suitable for all level runners. Participants can challenge in the half marathon distance or join the half marathon relay with a friend or a husband and partner. They can run with the whole family, be part of a 2.5 km long run/walk, or aim for the 5 km run. True challenge lovers can sign in for 5000 or 10000 steps per day for 7 days challenges. Everyone will find what suits them best. And everyone will get a beautiful medal.

Included in the entry fee, along with the medal, the runners have access to a Festival Zone, a virtual expo, where they can find rich content on prevention provided by Loono and more from RunCzech partners. The official t-shirt of the event can also be purchased during the registration or later directly on RunCzech official e-shop

10% of the entry will be donated to Loono and for the most generous supporters an option of free donation will be available also during the registration process. Registrations are open from today March 8th till April 8th. Running evidence can be uploaded till April 15th.

Every week RunCzech team will announce a social media based challenge that will entitle the winner to valuable prices such as discounts on their e-shop, free All Runners Are Beautiful merchandise, vouchers for a mammography, Loono’s campaign official t-shirt and much more. To keep you motivated while running, a dedicated special Spotify playlist is also available.

Sounds good, right? We want you in!

Registrations for the RunCzech Women Challenge are open!

We can’t stop now. We run. We care.