Top Tasting Wines to Try in 2023

When it comes to choosing a wine, there are many factors that come into play. One of the most important is how it tastes. There are hundreds of wines out there, with hundreds of different tastes and flavours.

Through this article, we will explore some top-tasting wines that you should try at least once in your lifetime. We have included both classic and exotic options so that you can find what best suits your tastes!

The Best Wine Brands to Try in 2023

More seasoned wine enthusiasts are familiar with all the famous wine brands that offer luxury wines with skyrocketing prices. However, a delicious bottle of wine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A number of top-level wine producers with centuries-long winemaking tradition craft some of the best premium wines at affordable price. A new year is an opportunity to try something new, and here are the best brands you should try in 2023.

  • Chateau Purcari, Moldova
  • San Marzano, Italy
  • La Rioja Alta, Spain
  • Fasoli Gino, Italy
  • Bread & Butter, California
The Best Wines to Try in 2023

If you love wine, or if you just like to drink a glass every now and then, it’s important that you find the top-tasting wine. Everyone has different tastes, so there are a variety of wines available for all different palettes. The best wines come from all over the world, so if you want to find the best-tasting wine for your taste buds.

1. Chateau Purcari Freedom Blend 2020 – AVG 92

The name of the wine tells a story: a blend of three grape varieties from Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Purcari Freedom Blend 2020 offers a unique taste of three different viticulture traditions perfectly crafted into a single bottle of wine. Bold and fruit-forward, this wine is a masterpiece of taste, structure and quality. The rich taste of juicy plums and dark berries is perfectly intertwined with a touch of vanilla, cocoa and pepper. Full-body, medium acidity and firm tannins create an exquisite, well-structured red wine that provides an ambrosian experience.

Chateau Purcari won a number of medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2019 and 2020.

2. San Marzano Primitivo di Manduria Sessantanni 2017- AVG 96

Looking for power and elegance? Primitivo di Manduria has everything that you need. The award-winning Italian showpiece is ranked among the top 25 Italian Primitivo wines. Full-body and well-rounded tannins offer momentum pleasure for the nose and palate. A wonderful mouthfeel of plum and black fruits, followed by a velvety touch of chocolate and vanilla. Wine enthusiasts who enjoy the flavours of oak, tobacco and leather will be beyond satisfied.

Triple Gold Medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards for the best value wines.

3. La Rioja Alta VIna Ardanza Reserva 2015 –  AVG 94

Highly renowned Tempranillo from La Rioja Alta is something every wine lover should try at least once in a lifetime. The wine is made from 30-year-old Tempranillo vineyards and a small amount of Garnacha. The spontaneous fermentation in oak barrels for 36 months gives a classic La Rioja oaky spice, followed by a wealth of complex aromas and flavours. On the nose you can enjoy the seductive notes of tobacco and raspberry. Delightfully round mouthfeel of red fruits, leather, vanilla and sweet baking spice. Dry, full body, medium acidity and medium tannins. Complex and well-balanced. Great value for money!

Ranked among the best 1% of all wines worldwide.

4. Fasoli Gino Alteo Amarone Valpolicella 2016, Organic, Collectible- AVG 95

Amarone della Valpolicella is the most prestigious wine from the Veneto wine region in Italy. Rich, dry Italian red wine made from the best selection of Corvina grape variety. The grapes are air-dried in special wooden boxes to gain a higher concentration of flavour and sugar. Complex and deep taste, one of a kind and a “must try” wine for wine enthusiasts who enjoy the refined taste and full body. It opens with enticing aromas of raisins, blackberries, black pepper, coffee and vanilla. Intense but harmonious, this Amarone offers a mouthfeel of blackberry, black liquorice, vanilla and toasted almond. Soft texture with smooth tannins and a powerful long finish. Amazing quality for the price, collectable.

5. Bread & Butter Chardonnay 2020- AVG 91

Crafted in the prestigious Napa Valley, this Bread & Butter Chardonnay has a unique taste and character. For all wine lovers who enjoy the indulgent creaminess of an oaked Chard, this bottle of wine will be a mouthwatering experience. Full body and silky, creamy texture with a long lingering finish. On the nose you can enjoy the seductive aromas of ripe tropical fruits, and baked almonds with a touch of sandalwood. The long oak ageing empowers with enticing hints of rich vanilla, fresh pastries and brioche. The firm structure is perfectly balanced with the dry fruity flavour and medium acidity.

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