LASVIT launches the print and online magazine Spacial

LASVIT, the global leader in creating daring and unique spacial and lighting experiences, is introducing the new online and print magazine Spacial. Despite being a long-term market leader, LASVIT is constantly interested in new ideas, opinions and trends that push the brand and its aesthetic vision further. The magazine’s aim is to share experiences with the wider public and community and to inspire each other. The first issue will focus on the topic of privacy and will also feature international and local design stars including Yabu Pushelberg, Campana Brothers, Daniel Libeskind, Vladimír Kopecký and Maxim Velčovský. 

“LASVIT’s mission and goal is to uplift everyone by creating breathtaking and immersive spacial experiences, whether it’s a luminaire, a lamp or a bespoke light installation. We have many years of experience in creating these spacial concepts and we want to share and inspire the world. The first issue of Spacial magazine focuses on the theme of privacy, and we take readers on an excursion through the residences and homes of our clients and colleagues, while elaborating on the visions of leading designers and architects, from the iconic duo Yabu Pushelberg to Daniel Libeskind, to the artistic genius of Vladimír Kopecký,” says Leon Jakimič, owner and president of LASVIT.

The debut issue of Spacial magazine thematically focuses on the home and its privacy. The concept of home has changed in recent years and the authors address the topic from various perspectives, for example answering questions as to how people relate to privacy and their surroundings, what distinguishes a home from public space and what role symbolism and craft play in creating the perfect living space. Spacial will also let you take a peek into several homes, and one homeowner will even take the readers inside his residences in Kuwait and the US.

Spacial’s ecosystem will grow organically and each issue will focus on a specific topic. Also, each issue will feature selected creative partners who will be able to contribute editorial contributions, articles, interviews, etc., evidenced in the first issue by featured artists including Daniel Libeskind, Stephan Hamel, Tony Ingrao, Yabu Pushelberg, Maxim Velčovský, Campana Brothers and Vladimír Kopecký.

“We are not just creating another corporate magazine, but a curated and carefully prepared publication that our readers will appreciate. Each issue will tell a story related to light, space and feeling. We are not just looking for LASVIT’s perspective, but we are seeking the perspectives of experts and our long-time partners. Moreover, Spacial won’t focus only on current topics, but will attempt to offer valuable critical distance,” says Tomáš Kolder, PR Manager at LASVIT.

Spacial magazine was created by LASVIT’s internal marketing team working under the leadership of Jana Žižková. The editorial part of the magazine was led by freelance journalist Eva Slunečková. LASVIT employees themselves are also involved in the magazine’s creation among them art director Maxim Velčovský or designer Mária Čulenová.

The design of the printed publication was prepared by Richard Bakeš who also worked with Eduard Bakeš on the website design. The first issue will be officially presented at the June Design Festival during Milan Design Week.