Leitners x Toyota to Hybrid Your Life

Official Toyota dealer in Czech Republic sponsors local watch start-up for sharing the same philosophy between hybrid watches and hybrid automobiles Toyota has been known for sponsoring inspiring individuals and innovative projects. This time, the Czech watch manufacturer Leitners, specializing in developing hybrid watches and winner of 3rd place in Creative Business Cup 2021, has been selected to establish a business relationship with C&K a.s., the official Czech dealer of Toyota, particularly with Toyota’s hybrid cars.

Toyota has been leading hybrid automobile technology since 1997 and is now supporting Leitners, the young European watch brand whose ambition is to pioneer the hybrid watch industry in the future. Metaphorically, vehicles are like time machines, help people move around different locations in a shorter time. While the hybrid timepiece Ad Maiora developed by Leitners aims to boast both classical mechanical time telling and full-set smartwatch functionality, Toyota’s hybrid cars boost driving experience seamlessly from electric and petrol power without any drawbacks.

Off to a strong start, Leitners has been sponsored with a branded Toyota C-HR MC19, equipped with the highest specifications. The hybrid car has debuted its presence to the public during Salon Exceptional Watches 2021 in Prague. It will serve as the official vehicle for Leitners to present at any future business events.

Watchmaking and automobiles are peaks of engineering in their own ways, and the two brands know it’s time to hybrid the life. You can now join their movement and share your thoughts and living attitude about a hybrid life by using hashtag #HybridYourLife on social media.

In the future, Leitners and C&K a.s. will keep working together to explore more possibilities in hybrid concept and commercial opportunities. Leitners expects to start the production of the hybrid watch Ad Maiora in February 2022. More exciting Leitners x Toyota news will be announced soon.