The Czechs are going to EXPO 2020 to rejuvenate the desert, ‘bringing the rain’ in a storm of golden lights

The Czech expedition is bringing to the United Arabian Emirates’ desert the greatest gift of all – water. The lighting installation entitled Golden Rain is an artist’s impression of the process of manufacturing water from air. The installation for the Czech Pavilion was made by the LASVIT glass and design company, who is the Czech Pavilion’s partner at the EXPO 2020.

Much like the shrub after which it gets its name, Golden Rain has grown throughout the whole pavilion. The name is furthermore derived from the architectural features of the house which show the visible structure, representing the flow of energy and water.

 “The glass installation is shaped like golden lianas and fits into the pavilion’s overall design. The individual ‘stems’ are reminiscent of the tangled clusters of hosing which wind their way throughout the entire pavilion and allow it to function,” explains LASVIT’s Creative Director Maxim Velčovský, who is also this glass and metal installation’s designer.

Pulsing with light and life

The Czech Pavilion shows off our ability to create water from air and to make the desert bloom. The S.A.W.E.R. system works on the principle of condensation, transforming the hot desert air into life-giving water. Thanks to its dynamic lighting, LASVIT’s installation pulses with light and gives the impression that water flows down through it and into the building’s inside.

LASVIT has always strived for innovation and excellence while respecting the principles of sustainability, therefore we take pride in being a partner of the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO 2020, helping to promote something as beneficial and ambitious as bringing water to the desert,” said the company’s CEO Aleš Stýblo. 

The installation flows through the pavilion’s two floors and in places reaches a height of six meters. The total weight of the installation is 1 600 kg. It is wholly composed of dozens of glass pendants which are wrapped in gilded mesh, and 1 000 pcs of additional LED modules. The installation’s color scheme corresponds to that of the pavilion’s hi-tech equipment. In total, over 800 m of brass mesh were used.

In search of harmony with nature and sustainability

The gold color which I use in the installation was inspired by the functional system of golden membranes on which the S.A.W.E.R. system condenses water droplets. Those world exhibitions which present technological novelties also present innovations in the sphere of craft, applied art and design. It was my intention to design the decorative part of the exhibition wholly from a technical set of principles and approaches. The resulting composition consists of a special metal mesh which protects the borosilicate glass usually used in laboratories and in scientific research. This decorative component thus consists of technical materials, surfaces and principles, touching base with old tradition,” describes Velčovský. 

Lukáš Černý, LASVIT’s General Manager for MEA & SE Asia, adds: “LASVIT’s main mission is to lift everyone by creating truly unique and sublime spatial experiences that touch the soul of all who look upon them. We believe that our installation Golden Rain will significantly contribute to spreading the good name of the Czech Republic, and especially Czech glassmaking, on the international scene.

LASVIT has created this installation in the spirit of the EXPO 2020 whose theme this year is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The organic installation is a designer’s commentary on environmental topics as well as a work which connects the traditional craft of glass working with modern technologies. Being made of recyclable materials such as metal and glass, Golden Rain works with the topics of sustainability and harmony with nature, which perfectly fit the Czech Pavilion’s location at the main entrance to the Sustainability District.