The final phase of the At Home in Prague campaign attracts visitors to another benefits

The At Home in Prague campaign to support tourism, which attracted thousands of domestic and foreign visitors in the summer, continues in December and offers interesting benefits again. Thanks to the mitigation of government measures, visitors can once again look forward to free tickets resulting from the regulations of the campaign and thus visit attractive places such as the Prague Zoo, Petrin Obseravtion Tower, selected museums and galleries and other interesting places in Prague.

Thanks to the reopening of hotels and related services, visitors can enjoy the At Home in Prague campaign benefits until the end of this year. For a night spent in Prague, the visitor receives a points voucher, which can be used as a free ticket to selected places in the metropolis.

“The Christmas program in Prague will be a bit more modest this year, but Praguers and visitors to Prague won’t be deprived of the Christmas atmosphere. As of today, restaurants and businesses where you can warm up during walks through Advent Prague are open. The same applies to galleries, Prague towers, Prague Zoo and other places where tourists can enjoy the benefits of the At Home in Prague campaign,” says Hana Třeštíková, Councilor for Culture and Tourism. 

This year, the capital, like other European destinations, has to do without the annual Christmas markets. Still, visitors can certainly look forward to the traditional Christmas tree in the Old Town Square. According to representatives of the Prague City Tourism organization, time in the metropolis can be spent in various ways. For example, the visitors can stop at the farmers’ market in the Vítězné Square, which will be of a limited form, but will have Christmas products on offer, or they can take a stroll at the Christmas Vyšehrad. According to the organization’s representatives, Prague can be enjoyed even without the classic Christmas bustle and, moreover, completely safely. 

“Pre-Christmas time in the metropolis can be spent, for example, discovering the unusual places that the city offers. In addition, thanks to the new strategy, Prague wants to target domestic visitors more and is preparing such an offer for them so that they are happy to return to Prague,” says František Cipro, Chairman of the Board of Prague City Tourism. 

In connection with the ongoing At Home in Prague campaign, Prague City Tourism is launching a Christmas online campaign, which will be complemented by videos full of advice and tips from the well-known Czech influencer Janek Rubeš. Rubeš will recommend guests what places to visit in Prague, how to use Prague transport or where to go for delicious Christmas refreshments. 

All information about the campaign can be found on the website

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