This is how much hacked streaming accounts cost on the dark web

With the rising popularity of streaming services, they have also become the prime target of cybercriminals. Some hackers may be after a free ride on your Netflix or Spotify account, others after your personal details, while a chunk of hackers try to profit by selling hacked streaming accounts on the dark web.

The Atlas VPN team, using data from Whizcase, reports that dark web accounts for popular streaming services are sold for an average of $11. The cheapest accounts belong to SoundCloud users. They are being sold for as little as $6.

On the other side of the spectrum are Apple Music and Disney+. They have the biggest price tag among hacked streaming accounts on the dark web, around $15 and $14, respectively.

Spotify and Netflix accounts are offered at $12 each, while Hulu and Twitch accounts are sold for $11, followed by HBO Max at $10. In the meantime, hacked accounts of Amazon Prime Video users are being offered for $9.

Streaming accounts typically contain not only the user’s name, surname, date of birth, and contact information but also often have linked payment methods, making them a valuable target for cybercriminals.

Fraudsters frequently gain unauthorized access to people’s streaming accounts using login credentials obtained from data breaches. This happens because many people use the same login information for multiple accounts. If one of the accounts gets compromised in a breach, others are also at risk. Hackers can also use phishing scams to trick people into giving away sensitive information that can then be used to access their accounts.

What to do if your streaming account has been hacked?

Depending on whether you still have access to your account or you have been locked out, there are several things you can do.

You should change your password. If you can still access your account, change your password immediately. Use a strong and unique password that contains a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. 

In some cases, hackers can change the email address associated with your account. Therefore, checking your account details before updating your password is essential. Otherwise, if that is the case, any attempt to change your password or other information can be sent to the hacker.

Log out all users. In case the hacker is connected to your account, it is a good idea to log them out. With an updated password, the malicious actor will not be able to log back in. 

Contact the support. If you cannot log in to your account or your contact details have been changed, you should contact support. They can help you retrieve your account or change your contact details so you can reset your password. If the support cannot give you back access to your account, you may still be able to request to delete it.

Block your payment cards. If you have a payment method connected to your account, you should block it immediately. That way, the fraudsters will at least not be able to take advantage of it.