Passerinvest supports the cultural and social development of the Prague 11 city district in the amount of CZK 1 million

This year, Passerinvest Group, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as Passerinvest), which has long been developing the locality in the vicinity of the Roztyly metro station, contributed a generous amount of CZK 1 million to the support of cultural/social events of the Prague 11 city district. The events are open to the general public and their programme is always very diverse, from concerts of various genres and exhibitions to workshops and programmes for children.

“Seeing that we have been operating in Prague – Roztyly as a long-term investor, it is very important for us and, in fact, absolutely natural, to actively engage in public and cultural events throughout the entire Prague 11 city district. We want to build locations in which people not only enjoy living and working, but where they will also like to spend their free time. One of the steps to achieve this goal was, for example, a contribution to cultural and social events, where people can meet regularly, get to know their neighbours, simply feel good.” commented Martin Unger, the Technical Director of Passerinvest Group.

The contribution was used, among other things, for events organised in the Chodov Fortress (Kulturní Jižní Město o.p.s.). This year, Olympic performed here together with other popular artists, plus there were fairy tales for children and creative workshops. Traditionally, the July Jazz Blues Fest and the Tones of the Chodov Fortress classical music festival met with great success. Children’s days are organised every year for the young ones, and art lovers can enjoy regularly-held exhibitions in the local gallery.  

More information about the Nové Roztyly project can be found on the website

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